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“The Market2win simulator is an excellent tool for students and professionals who want to develop an understanding of strategic marketing. It offers a fast-paced virtual environment that allows participants to think strategically and resolve real-world like business problems from a marketing viewpoint.”
Arif, Marketing Professional and MA Marketing Student, European Business School

“The Market2win game is a fantastic marketing simulation for both students and marketing professionals! It helps students and professional marketers to understand strategic market analysis, planning and decision-making in a practical and innovative way!”
Sotirios, MSc Marketing Student, European Business School

“Market2win is a valuable experience not only for students but also for professionals, who want to examine how the market works when you make certain changes based on the data you have available. This simulation promotes teamwork and the development of our strategic marketing skills. We had a lot of fun and at the same time discovered the consequences that our decisions had on the competition.”
Elena, MSc Marketing Student, European Business School

“Playing Market2Win Strategy Game was a useful and exciting experience. This game demonstrated all complexity of strategic decisions and taught us to be rational in taking them. This is a great opportunity to try yourself in tough competition without a risk to lose market share or profit in a real life.”
George, MSc Marketing Student, European Business School

“I liked the competition and the way it was produced. Very strategic and focussed.”
“I liked the depth of the gameplay and strategic decisions that could be undertaken.”
“It was good to see the difference  between theory and practice”
“I liked challenging other teams – changing strategy and finding solutions after we lost our market leadership, even though at the end we lost – recognising that even if we performed well as a team and performances, our competitor was better. Remind me that ‘It’s not enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do what’s required’ “
“I liked the teamwork and the possibility to make decisions similar to those in real life”
“Expect the unexpected!”
Various MSc Marketing students, European Business School

“The game really showed the importance of segmentation and made me far more confident in knowing where to focus my marketing efforts.”
Phillipa, Director, Breathing Relief, UK

“I was able to see the outcome of my different marketing strategies right before my eyes, and not having to invest all that money either!”
“The best thing I learned from game is how to deal with the competitors by using various marketing strategies.”
“I liked seeing the results after the implementation of the market strategy.”
“It was great. I really enjoyed it. Only wished it was been graded.. oh well.. good job!”
“It was a wonderful experience. I enjoyed playing it and gained a lot of strategic experience. Practical implementation of what we study.”
“It was on the whole a new and enjoyable experience. I have learned a lot from this game.”
“It covered aspects from across the MBA.”
“It was a very good experience . We all worked in a team and enjoyed the game. This game also helped us develop our strategy skills, leadership quality and a lot more. We would love to play this game again.”
“It was a very good experience. Everyday we got the opportunity to learn something new.”
“It was fun and we had a good experience while working on this in a group.”
“Just one word: OUTSTANDING.”
Various MBA Students, European Business School

“Thank you very much for the opportunity to take part in the marketing strategy game.   I enjoyed the process and it was good to be able to experiment in the safety of the virtual world!  I made quite a few mistakes throughout the process, but it was satisfying to see the areas where the strategy seemed to be working.  The presentations and other materials were a very useful reminder of the key tools required and helped me focus, rather than get too bogged down in the detail…Thanks again for the game and the tools which have helped me a great deal.”
– Angela, Marketing Manager, UK

“It is an excellent game”
– Paul, Head of Marketing, UK

“I enjoyed the week and thought it was a good way of thinking about some of the big strategic issues. I liked all the segments and the initial positionings and I liked the idea of additional reports to give more information…Once again thanks for the opportunity it was good fun and well worth the time spent on it.”
– Andrew, Communications Director, UK

“I played the game this afternoon and it was very good, simple to use yet realistic and a great way to teach core marketing principles.”
– Robin, Marketing Consultant, UK

“I feel I haven’t had much experience in real-life strategic marketing decisions so this was a wonderful way of testing myself.  It’s easy to lack confidence in my decision making when it hasn’t been tested fully so playing the game was a safe way to test my judgement and winning has given me the confidence in my own decision making and strategic marketing skills that it could have taken years to build up in the real world.”
– Lindy, E-Commerce Marketing Manager, UK

“Market2Win is an excellent and exciting game to test your strategic marketing skills. You have the ability to work, test and play with the different aspects that support you in defining and approaching your segments: Segmentation, DPM, BCG and KBF’s. The knowledge base included in the game and the personal feedback after each decision guide you to better decision making in the given market. I especially liked the fact that we were competiting to real teams. This made the game more unpredictable as well as more real. As the co-captain of the team I also taught me a lot about keeping a virtual team on board which is a valuable lesson these days… I was so involved that it felt as if it were an extra day job.”
– Delianne, European Marketing Manager, UK

“The game mimics the real world conditions quite elaborately.”
– Ameer, MBA Student, European Business School

“In the game, we not only thought about our strategy but also the strategy of our competitors. This kind of activity enabled me to analyze the strategy in different dimensions.”
– Yuvaraj, MBA Student, European Business School

“Impressive leading edge use of technology to support learning and I can see it would work in a live organisation across multiple locations…In summary, I am a fan!”
– Samantha, Marketing Consultant, UK

“Market2win is a brilliant game which I would recommend to everyone in marketing. I have learnt so much in the 7 weeks I played the game. I gained an in-depth understanding of SWOT, Segmentation, Key Buying Factors and Value Proposition. The simulator allows you to see in real time what impact the decision you make have on your business. When I started the game I was job hunting, the skills I learnt gave me the confidence to apply for a marketing job which I got. I will be applying what I have learnt in my new job. Coming from an IT background I must say the simulator interface is very impressive. I like the feedback we received at the end of each week and also the reading material you provided. Thanks!!!!”
– Gathoni, CRM Executive, UK

“Playing the game was a good experience for me and would be the same for any strategic marketer or market strategy student. Comparing it to other simulation games I did during my studies and training, I believe the Market2win game is much more strategic and more customer oriented than similar games which are more sales oriented in nature. This game makes the player feel the importance of both long-term and short-term decisions and focuses more on value propositions to customers.”
– Hussam, Marketing Manager, Jordan

“The Market2Win game is an excellent tool for testing and developing your marketing abilities at strategic level. Having only recently gained the CIM Postgrad Diploma, it helped me use my new skills in a highly competitive market and provided confidence in achieving a winning position.”
– Kevin, Special Markets Manager, UK

“I truly recommend this game to all marketing professionals”
– Pedro, Business Development Consultant, Poland

“Market2Win is an excellent opportunity for anyone currently involved or with an interest in strategic marketing. Players will benefit from actually applying a SWOT analysis, BCG Matrix, DPM and Segmentation to their virtual organisation. In an ever changing market and with competitors competing for market share and profitability, Key Buying Factors and Value Propositions must be consistently reviewed to stay ahead and satisfy your shareholders! The simulator is very user friendly and intuitive and the feedback after each period closes was exceptional. Highly recommended and great fun. Thank you.”
– Jason, Sales Manager, UK

“What I liked about the game was mainly the competition and seeing the results at the end of each period. That was pushing me to do more and to keep on trying to catch competitors on their segments and to strengthen my position on my own segments. The value proposition as much as other information about the product, profitability of my company and its competitors is very clear and understandable. It was easy for me to manage and use.”
– Kaouther, Assistant Professor, University of Tunis, Tunisia

“This was a wonderful concept and an awesome opportunity for us.   Thank you Market2win!”
“I had fun like anything and apart from that learned segmentation, targeting, positioning and marketing education – all part of one programme…10: 10!”
– Rubradir and Vipus, MBA students, European Business School
See Rubradir and Vipus talking about their game at http://www.youtube.com/user/EDatM2W?feature=mhw4

“This competition has offered an opportunity to students to take part in an exciting and different way in applying their business knowledge and skills and have some fun with it too. Leadership, team working and decision-making are all very relevant and useful areas for our students to develop.”
– Jocelyn, Teaching Fellow in Strategy, The York Management School, UK
See more at http://www.york.ac.uk/management/news-and-events/news/young_leaders/

“The Martet2win game offered me an great opportunity to dicover the real world business operation in a gaming scenairio. I was delightful to find out that availability of marketing tools within the game and we could utilize these tools to strength the business. I have been wanting to obtain a job from supermarket fields, and the game gave me the opportunity taste it, which has motivated me towards my goals of working for supermarkets.” 
– Xiaoqing, Undergraduate Management and Management System student, European Business School

“The feedback from the students and staff has been excellent. They have found it to be very powerful in helping students understand strategic market analysis, planning and decision-making. It integrates well with the teaching modules and the students have found the software easy to learn.”
– Martin, Senior Lecturer, European Business School

“I am just writing because I thought it would be a good idea to let you know that I have used some of the skills I learnt on the Market2Win in my job. I am working at my family’s retail business and I have to be guided by a lot of common sense when it comes to restructuring some things in the business, as I don’t have a business education to fall back on. Christopher and I had to make a list of roles and responsabilities when interviewing someone for a marketing job, and I was guided by some of the things that were neccesary when playing Market2Win. Like for example being creativing, inventive, and having analyitical skill, in adittion to that I made sure the person understood how important it was for them to have thier own initiative and be able to anaylize the big picture of what is going in our particular market.

The reason why we were even working on preparing this interview for a person to work on marketing for us, the reason why we we’re going to create this position is directly related to what I learnt on Market2Win. I created a marketing plan, and had a lot of project going on and for the future and I realised that I didn’t have the time to do them all as efficiently as I need them done, as I also do buying, merchandising, and visual merchandisng for the company. I remember how in Market2Win you could allocate a certain number of employees to work on each project, and it didn’t matter how much money you put in a project if you didn’t have the right number of employes for the amount of money which mean the intricacy of the project in addition to the amount of time and effort it would need, then it wouldn’t work and it would be a waste of resoruces. I felt like I was back in the game writing down a bigger number on the employee box of people allocated to the project, and I decided that it would be crucial that I hire someone else to work on our marketing projects in addition to myself, some one whose role could be take the main responsability for these projects and I could have a more supervisory role.

I also want to add a few more things that I think that Market2Win has really helped me with. I feel that now I am taking the business into a path where we have much a stronger focus on our target age groups, and segmentation is something I had read about in books but until I played the game I didn’t realize how crucialy important it was.

I just wanted to say thank you again for considering Christopher and I to participate in this game as it has been very useful to me in the restructuring of my retail business.”
– Mariana, Chief Marketing Officer, Is Destellos and Casa Moda stores, Bolivia

“Market2win provided us with a great way to learn about enterprise, marketing and how maths can be applied to business. All the students from Year 7 to 10 enjoyed competing in teams and gained a much greater appreciation of the relevance of school work to the world of work.”
– Colin, Deputy Head, Nicholas Chamberlaine Technology College, UK

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