We built the Market2Win simulator to be very customizable.  It can handle different products, services, markets, industries, currencies, countries, languages and market conditions. So you do not need to be stuck with someone else’s scenario.   You can change everything you need to get a great simulation for your institution.

Moreover, we have done all the hard work for you to ensure that you have a fabulous product that already works. This will save you years of effort and a serious amount of financial investment.

Interested? We offer three simulation packages:


Basic Package

Professional Package

Advanced Package

Change the Basic Settings including:
Choose your currency
Customize your welcome greeting
Choose strategic marketing or strategic account management scheme
Set the spend limits

Setup Sectors and Products:
Define the market sectors/segments*
Define the products/services being sold

Setup Buying Factors
Define the customer needs (Key Buying Factors)
Define the projects needed to improve performance against those needs
Setup the Price/Quality Value Map
Get better alignment between ticks and crosses and text from ‘Home Screen Customization’ onwards

Setup Market Segment Values
Define the size of each of the market segments and how they will grow each Period*

Setup Market Competitors*
Set the marketing budget and costs
Define the start-up market shares
Set the start-up spend levels
Upload the relevant competitor documents including their Marketing Plan

Setup Customer Needs
Define the desired performance by customers in every segment through all the simulation Periods

Setup Performance Bands
Define exactly the relationship between internal resource inputs and external customer value outputs

Setup Reports
Upload any research reports that might give one team an edge if read properly (e.g. market, customers and competitor reports)
Define the cost of buying the Reports, when they are available in the simulation and who can see them

Setup Support Documents
Upload any other information that you think is helpful to enhancing the learning experience (e.g. related course materials, case examples, further explanations of key models etc)
Customize the Welcome pack to help users get started

Manage the Simulation
Full ability to close Periods, Reset the Simulation, Lockout users, Rewind a Period and adjust other settings

Player Logins
5 logins to permit 5 competing teams to play one game

25 logins to permit individual players to have their own logins in one game

50 logins and 2 separate games, allowing up to 50 players

Analytical Reports
Over 14 different data mining reports that provide useful intelligence about competitor positions, player spending patterns, player engagement and use of particular tools

More Models and Features
Price vs Quality Value Maps

On Screen Help

Cash Flow Forecast

Directional Policy Matrix (GE-McKinsey Matrix)

Internal Management Reports (e.g. Balanced Scorecard)

Value-Based Marketing Charts (Professor Peter Doyle)

Home Screen Customization
Add your own image to the Home screen

Add your own product logo to the Home screen

Market2Win Feedback on your games
Feedback on the teams’ performance emailed to the game administrator/instructor after each Period

Game debrief video uploaded to YouTube for all players to view

Administrator / Instructor support
Email support from Market2Win

Phone support from Market2Win

Player Support
Email Support from Market2Win

Webinar Support from Market2Win simulation experts

Lecture Support from Market2Win simulation and/or subject matter experts

Cost for 12 months

Enquire using the form below
Enquire using the form below
Enquire using the form below

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