Over 20,000 people have played our simulations in universities and corporations around the world. Players have ranged from senior corporate executives of large organizations to individual students on college courses. They have been used to enhance the learning experience, for personal development, and by businesses to train frontline staff in how to achieve better business growth.  Businesses have also used them as a recruitment tool to assess candidates for senior commercial positions.

All our simulations are online and therefore playable from any location with internet access.  They also deal with services and therefore help you understand how to market across the full product/service range.  Real challenges are included to help you deal with the constant change of the modern market place.  They are also extensively modelled on the real world to make the experience realistic and relevant.

Our marketing simulations teach market-driven strategy, including market segmentation, targeting, positioning, planning and implementation. Our DigiMark2Win Simulation teaches this in a digital context. Each simulation includes a FREE Marketing Plan based on Professor Malcolm McDonald’s best-selling book, Marketing Plans, How To Prepare Them, How To Profit From Them now in its 9th Edition.  We provide players with feedback after each decision round so they can understand where they are going wrong and how they can improve their performance.

Our Sustain2Win simulation helps people understand sustainability and how to balance profits with environmental and social progress. In addition to being used on university sustainability courses, it is also used in The Sustainability World Cup.

We also have the world’s first and only Strategic Account Management simulation, complete with a free Account Plan – perfect for training anyone who sells to a large complex customer.

“I loved the first-hand experience that the game provided and it has really improved my confidence in applying for more senior roles in the future”
– Participant Feedback

10 great benefits from playing in our simulations:

  1. Improve your understanding of key marketing concepts
  2. Learn how to apply them in practice
  3. Have fun learning by competing against other real players
  4. Learn what it is like to be a strategic leader like a Chief Marketing Officer
  5. Improve your ability to write and execute great Marketing Plans
  6. Learn from your mistakes in a safe environment where no real money is lost
  7. Enhance your employability by gaining more confidence in your abilities
  8. Build your network with like-minded people playing in your game
  9. Generate new sales opportunities by using your new knowledge
  10. You can even develop your own version of the simulation to suit your industry and situation

Take a look at our simulations below and choose the one that is right for you.  You can even build your own simulation if you prefer!

Set in the digital music streaming industry, this is a great simulation to teach how to integrate market strategy with digital execution.
. More…

The fashion industry provides the perfect backdrop to help you sharpen your skills at anticipating consumer trends and keeping ahead of the competition.  More…

A global simulation for the modern world which also helps you learn about effective B2B marketing. More…

Our most popular simulation where you act as a senior marketing executive of a large retailer. More…

Selling to a large corporate customer is one of the most important jobs in sales. Learn to be a great account manager with the world’s only SAM simulation. More…

This simulation teaches sustainability for current and future business leaders. Participants learn about sustainable growth and how a business can do better than just make more money by becoming a real force for good in the world . More…

We have also built numerous private label simulations, including one in the legal services market and one in the tourism and events market. If you would like more information on these, do contact us.

Build your own simulation

Would you like to build your own simulation, in the industry or the country that you operate in? Now you can! More…

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