Books by the Market2Win Team.

All the following books have been written or co-authored by members of the Market2Win team and are available on Amazon.

Books on Strategic Marketing

Marketing Navigation: How To Keep Your Marketing Plan On Course to Implementation Success

Billions of dollars are lost every year from marketing plans that fail to get implemented properly. The risks around implementation are high and the challenges are many. This book draws upon fresh research, new technology and decades of experience to help marketers improve their chances of success. The authors propose a practical marketing navigation system to help all businesses ensure their plan identifies the implementation risks and remains on course to deliver its targets. The book is packed with examples from organizations of every size, from both manufacturing and service sectors, and from around the world. They show the variety of challenges experienced and the lessons we can all learn about how those challenges were overcome. They demonstrate: * tried-and-tested ideas from other professions that you can import and adapt easily for your implementation purposes * how you can use your existing marketing skills in new ways to sell your plan internally * a simple but powerful tool that you can use to help ensure your plan is always on course and on schedule. It will become your steering wheel and GPS for the journey ahead. The book will be essential reading for marketing managers and strategists, trainers and anyone doing executive courses in the field. For professionals and students alike it will help the process of developing your thinking from marketing management to full scale marketing strategy implementation

Marketing Plans: How to Prepare Them, How To Profit From Them (8th Edition)

A fully revised and updated 8th edition of the highly renowned international bestseller The 8th edition of this highly acclaimed bestseller is thoroughly revised with every chapter having been updated with special attention to the latest developments in marketing. Marketing Plans is designed as a tool and a user-friendly learning resource. Every point illustrated by powerful practical examples and made actionable through simple, step by step templates and exercises. The book is established as essential reading for all serious professional marketers and students of marketing, from undergraduate and postgraduate to professional courses for bodies such as CIM. Above all it provides a practical, hands on guide to implementing every single concept included in the text. New chapters and content include: * A Does it Work feature throughout demonstrating examples of real successes using the processes in the book * More substantial coverage of consumer behaviour to balance the book s focus with B2B planning * Digital techniques and practices brought fully up to date * Also includes a comprehensive online Tutors Guide and Market2Win Simulator for those who teach marketing strategy

Malcolm McDonald on Value Propositions

A value proposition is an innovation or feature that clarifies a company’s core purpose and identity. In the same way profit lies at the heart of every business, so does the value proposition, communicating how its service or products fulfil the needs of their customers. While many organizations understand the importance of having a clearly defined value proposition to help them become more profitable, many businesses struggle to use them effectively. Malcolm McDonald on Value Propositions is a step-by-step guide to understanding exactly why financially quantified value propositions will help readers to increase revenue and deliver tangible results. Highly practical and filled with useful tools and checklists, this succinct guide explains the process of developing a value proposition from start to finish, how to use segmentation appeal to the relevant key accounts, and to ensure it is both financially grounded and has resonance with customers. From understanding how buying decisions are made, through to financial dashboards and value quantification tools, Malcolm McDonald on Value Propositions is perfect for anyone looking to integrate financial success into their proposition, and gain understanding of how it can be used to deliver and communicate value

100 Practical Ways to Improve Customer Experience

Virtually all consumer-facing businesses talk about putting the customer first, but in reality, few deliver on this as effectively as they could. 100 Practical Ways to Improve Customer Experience walks readers through a wealth of practical tips, tools, guidelines and frameworks, for implementing customer-focused marketing strategies at every step of the customer journey. By ensuring that the customer remains the key focus, companies can identify areas in need of improvement and implement relevant steps throughout the value chain. A unique blend of strategy and best practice, 100 Practical Ways to Improve Customer Experience has a particular focus on multi-channel industries such as retail, FMCG, travel, financial services, leisure, food and beverage, and automotive. These industries are all facing major disruption from trendsetting brands such as Uber, AirBnB and Amazon, and as such, now face more pressure than ever to adopt new practices and remain relevant in a continually competitive marketplace. Featuring case studies packed full of practical examples, this book is a unique and valuable resource for any marketing student or professional

Creating Powerful Brands

This has long been the one book that students can rely on to get them thinking critically and strategically about branding. This new fourth edition is no exception. THE definitive introductory textbook for this crucial topic, it is highly illustrated and comes packed with over 50 brand-new, real examples of influential marketing campaigns. It summarises the latest thinking and best practice in the domain of branding. All new real marketing campaigns show how branding theories are implemented in practice. Brought right up to date with a clear European and UK focus Undergraduate business and marketing students studying brand management will find this an invaluable resource in their quest to understand how branding really works.

Marketing Value Metrics

This second edition of Marketing Accountability, now transformed to Marketing Value Metrics, introduces and guides readers through a metrics model developed at the renowned Cranfield School of Management that not only shows how marketing systematically contributes to shareholder value, but also provides a metrics-based framework for developing and implementing marketing strategies that are measurable and accountable. Malcolm McDonald, Stan Maklan and Peter Mouncey introduce strategic marketing planning and then describe in detail the key steps in the modelling process as well as the procedures for applying it in practice. Updated throughout, this new edition includes the latest digital and social media metrics and advice on measuring the effectiveness of multichannel strategies. Marketing Value Metrics will enable marketing executives to measure more effectively the impact of marketing activity against organizational goals and will empower marketing teams and their managers to justify and defend their plans and strategies to their CEOs and CFOs

Marketing Due Diligence

The ultimate test of marketing investment, and indeed any investment, is whether it creates value for shareholders. But few marketing investments are evaluated from this perspective. Increasingly, boards of directors and city analysts the world over are dissatisfied with this lack of accountability. Cranfield School of Management has been addressing this problem by working with a range of blue-chip companies. They have created a new framework which shows how marketing systematically contributes to shareholder value based on three key questions- Does the promised market exist? Will the strategy deliver the market share promised? Will the market share create shareholder value? This groundbreaking new book explains the principles and practice behind rigorous due diligence in marketing for Marketing and Finance Directors, CEOs, Strategists and MBA students wanting to understand the key drivers of modern business Surely, the time has come for marketing directors to take their rightful place in the boardroom by proving that what they are doing creates shareholder value added

Books on Strategic/Key/Global Account Management

Malcolm McDonald on Key Account Management

Malcolm McDonald on Key Account Management explores the challenges of winning, retaining and developing key accounts. Key accounts are customers who help their suppliers grow, and consequently, they wield significant power. Although they are the key to market share and revenue growth, the costs of serving key accounts can erode profitability unless they are thoroughly understood and managed. It takes a step-by-step approach to presenting best practice in key account management. Whether your business is starting up or well-established, there is always more to discover about improving the way value is created between you and your most important customers. Malcolm McDonald and Beth Rogers have spent over twenty years researching, teaching and consulting on key account management, and have condensed their knowledge into this book, focusing on making it clear, concise and easy to use.

Key Account Management: The Definitive Guide

This helpful text clearly sets out the very best, state-of-the-art strategies in key account management. The authors provide the tools and processes for successful KAM, from developing a customer categorization system that really works, to analysing the needs of key accounts. Topics include why key account management has become so critical to commercial success; the role of key management in strategic planning; how companies build profitable relationships with their customers; and what it takes to be a successful key account manager.

Key Customers: How To Manage Them Profitably

Developing successful business-to-business relationships with more powerful customers in highly competitive markets requires processes and skills that go beyond traditional selling activity. The very best state-of-the-art strategies are set out clearly in this book in a practical way that can be implemented in all organizations. In particular ‘Key Customers’ looks at: * why has key account management become so critical to commercial success? * what are the key challenges and how do successful companies respond? * why is it vital to understand the role of key account management in strategic planning? * do you know what strategy your customer has for your company? By addressing these key questions McDonald, Rogers and Woodburn draw out the business issues that really matter – from developing a customer classification system that really works, analysing the needs of key accounts, developing the skills of key account managers to how systems for implementing key account plans can be developed. Throughout the book the emphasis is on clarifying and articulating the key concepts to give the reader the tools to apply in the marketplace. The ‘real world’ approach is based on best practice from leading companies globally and the latest research from the renowned Cranfield School of Management. ‘Key Customers’ comes from authors with an international reputation in this field and is an essential guide to customer management for marketing and sales executives, and all senior management with strategic responsibility. The clear and authoritative approach also makes it an outstanding text for the serious MBA and executive student.

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