Find the sustainability superhero in you. Play online in a simulation to learn the subject and lead your virtual company to become the best force-for-good in the world. This is the ultimate game, the ultimate course and the ultimate win!”

The Sustainability World Cup is an online course AND competition. It is a great way to learn about sustainability and how to use it to grow a business more sustainably. It is also a competition where you can win some fantastic awards. These awards will help the world recognize your sustainability talent and help you develop a more sustainability-driven career.

All participants who finish the course will get certificates of completion, which they can add to their learning credentials.


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Who should participate

Anyone who wishes to understand sustainability, how to harness it to achieve sustainable growth and transformation for a business.

You could be an executive who is interested in the subject or a university student wishing to learn more about it.

What you will learn

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of sustainability and its key terms
  • Learn about ESG and how it measures sustainability
  • Identify the challenges and opportunities of sustainability for business leaders
  • Develop a sustainable market strategy that delivers competitive advantage and drives sustainable growth
  • Learn how to balance profitable growth with environmental and social improvement
  • Speak and write about sustainability with confidence
  • Enhance your learning credentials and career prospects
  • Become a more responsible leader capable of shaping a sustainable future

The Awards

A full list of Awards will be announced later but they will include:

  • Sustainability World Champions
  • Best Sustainability Leader
  • Best Environmental Performance
  • Best Social Performance
  • Best Governance Performance

There will also be an opportunity to win other prizes including advice from leading academic, sustainability and digital experts on your specific key sustainability challenges.

The Awards will be based on your game performance and a short presentation that you will need to record based on your gameplay.


The competition will run from Monday 8th April to Friday 24th May (7 weeks), with the online Awards Ceremony in the week ending Friday 7th June. This will be recorded for those that cannot attend.

All entries must be submitted by 1st April 2024.

Your time commitment

You will get 3 days of guided training over the 7 weeks.

You will therefore need to devote about 3 days of effort over the programme. This can be done to suit your weekly schedule and can include commute time, lunchtime, evenings and/or weekends. In addition, as you will be working in small online teams, if you have a heavy week or are on holiday, your team-mates should be able to keep the play moving along in your absence.

Teamwork and Sharing Your Email

You will be working online in small teams. Previous participants have told us that this is one of the greatest benefits as you will be able to get to know other people with a similar interest in the subject. However, please note that in order to form the team, we will need to share your chosen email address with your fellow team-mates. If you are unwilling to do this, you cannot participate.

Summary of the benefits to participants

By undertaking the course, you will:

  • Learn about sustainability through a real training programme delivered via a game
  • Learn from experts with “live” Q&A sessions
  • Improve your team-working skills
  • Improve your communication and presentation skills
  • Network with other sustainability champions at an international level
  • Be able to download valuable resources and know-how in the field
  • Build academic-industry links
  • Be accredited with certificates and a badge


All fees are in US Dollars and include VAT and Sales Tax.


  • From 1st Mar 2024: $480.00 per person
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  • From 1st Mar 2024: $480.00 per person
  • Pay for two and get a third free!

Universities / Colleges:

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  • Promoting your brand to an educated audience
  • Building academic-industry links
  • Universities: Promoting your courses on sustainability

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