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What is it?

The Fashion2Win Simulator is a software tool that helps fashion students to learn and practice key strategic marketing concepts in the fashion industry. It does this by enabling students to compete against each other in a virtual marketplace in an highly enjoyable and realistic way.

The Simulator has been developed from extensive research into the UK fashion industry and with the full support of Professor Malcolm McDonald, Emeritus Professor at Cranfield University, Honorary Professor at Warwick Business School, author of over 40 books, numerous academic papers and one of the world’s leading experts in strategic marketing.

What do they say about it?

“I played the game as part in completion of my module Strategic Decisions in the International Fashion Marketplace. I believe the experience provided myself, and my classmates, with a real sense of being part of a business attempting to increase profits and gain market share in an increasingly competitive environment. Throughout the simulation my teammates and I 

were given the opportunity to practice strategy first hand, developing vital skills in Market segmentation, Market targeting, Market positioning, Strategic options and Strategic agility. My team and I were able to experience the practice of making tactical and strategic decisions whilst further appreciating team dynamics and communication in order to successfully win the 

game. I would strongly recommend this excellent simulation for those who are studying marketing and business because it provides students with a good practical experience to complement the theory covered during lectures and seminars.” 

“I loved the game! It has been an amazing learning experience to work in a group and formulate strategies for our “company” every week and anticipate the results. The game does provide a strong foundation towards implementing the strategies in a real-life situation/ market scenario. Studying theories in class can be mastered only with the help of such a great tool! Thank you for all your efforts!”

“I really liked the competitive element and that it provides a good application of theory. I  got a good grasp of the game from the offset and enjoyed the teamwork which I feel was integral to our success. Our team members fell into their roles very well. I also liked the competitive element and that it provides a good application of the theory. I think the support videos were great and preferred them to reading instructions.  I felt that all of the information in the reports was relevant.  Our team understood the importance of this information in the real world and therefore, almost as soon as the game was active, we purchased and absorbed it.”

“I think the entire concept is fantastic and a great way to apply theory in a realistic way. Our team came 4th, however I am glad that by the last two weeks I could say I really understand all these features.”

“It was good to put the theory learned through classes int practice and see how this could potentially impact a company.”

“I enjoyed being able to put what we have learned previously into action. The competitive nature of the game was good fun. Working in teams allowed us to each put our varying strengths to good use, and improved my own interpersonal skills.”

“The game itself is an opportunity and I like the fact that it has been well explained.”

“It was good seeing if our decisions had an impact on the game and on our profitability.”

“I liked 1. the competitiveness which the game created in the class 2. Strategy formulation techniques 3. Importance of understanding the market & customer needs 4. The details of our performance with respect to others.”

“The best part of the game for me was the decision making and I  looked forward to seeing the outcome of the decisions on a weekly basis.”

“I found it interesting to have access to the BCG and also anticipating how well we would do at the end of the week.”

“I enjoyed the uncertainty of the dynamic market and team work.”

“This is the first time that I fully understand how to use the BCG and the DPM.”

“I liked the fact that it was practice rather than theory and helped me have a better understanding of the strategic concepts.”

“The combination of resources: marketing tools, performance results and reports was great!”

 – Comments from fashion students at a European Business School

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