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The methodology, experience, guidance and practical hands-on help that you brought us – including with key account selection, cross-border client service teams, account planning and winning active top level support across Europe – were invaluable in establishing effective pan-European Client Relationship Management in our company. You helped us to put strategic client relationships at the heart of our business and keep us ahead of the competition.
Sir Julian Berney
International Director
Jones Lang LaSalle

Market2Win helped us develop a new strategy that took us out of a price war and into a new strategic space. This strategy had a significant impact on returning the company to healthier growth and we are delighted to have Market2Win provide on-going guidance to help ensure our continued growth.
Peter Fox
M1Engineering Ltd

Coming into Brussels Airlines from an organization that had already implemented sound account management I knew our own programme needed a good kick start. Your team worked hard to provide us with the learning, rationale and framework we needed, tailored to our specific issues. Your toolsets are now part of our operation and we have taken a major step in transforming how we grow sales and commercial leadership by professionally choosing, winning and developing strategic account relationships.
Peter Davies
Brussels Airlines

Market2Win provided us with a great way to learn about enterprise, marketing and how maths can be applied to business. All the students from Year 7 to 10 enjoyed competing in teams and gained a much greater appreciation of the relevance of school work to the world of work.
Colin Bradley
Deputy Head
Nicholas Chamberlaine Technology College

Mosaic* has played an important role in helping us re-establish our international key account management programme. Their experience and tools were key to helping us prioritize our performance gaps, lay out an improvement agenda and then go about the practical business of choosing the right strategic accounts and develop a first-class account planning framework. Effective account management and development is now being successfully rolled out and he has provided us with practical and pragmatic solutions.
Jeroen Kurvers
Marketing & Business Systems Director, International Clients
Compass Group plc

Many thanks for making the workshop such a huge success
Global Commercial Property Company

Using an experienced external facilitator was invaluable in establishing CRM in Jones Lang LaSalle. You gave us the methodology, management tools and right mindset that were essential in getting us going. Client relationship management now underpins all aspects of the firm’s global operations.
Mark Higgins
European Marketing Manager
Jones Lang LaSalle

The KAM competency assessment that Mosaic* carried out told us everything we needed to know. It fully met our expectations and provided a platform for our account manager development programme.
HR Director
ATIS Real Weatheralls

Mosaic* provided a very useful framework for Key Account Management which we have built upon and adopted
European Commercial Property Company

Mosaic* has rich experience in getting Strategic Account Management Programmes implemented.  Their advice, tools, workshops and ideas provided a significant contribution to our business and they were very focused on working with my team to achieve the sales improvements required.   They delivered real value, on-time and within budget.  They know how to get results.
Philip Saunders
Commercial Director
Brussels Airlines

Mosaic* has significant knowledge of international Strategic Account Management. From this, they have developed some first-class tools, principles and methodologies to help get SAM understood and implemented. Together we were able to get my corporate sales organization designed and operational quickly and effectively.
Francois Lagae
VP Strategic Accounts
Brussels Airlines

I thought I know this client really well. But working on the client plan that Mosaic* developed for us has shown me some important gaps in my understanding that I need to fill.
Account Manager
European Commercial Property Company

* Mosaic is our specialist strategic account management subsidiary and a trading name of Market2Win Ltd