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What is SAM?

Our definition of SAM:

SAM stands for Strategic Account Management and is also known as “Key”, “Global” and “Major” Account Management. In essence it is about treating your most important customers differently, recognizing that they are vital to the achievement of your long-term goals. SAM is generally found in business-to-business relationships with large current or future sales and profit potential. Many organizations have found that SAM significantly enhances the relationship for both customer and supplier.

Here you will find a number of highly practical templates, tools and methodologies to help you get strategic account management (SAM) in place in your organization. These have all been tested and approved by senior sales and marketing professionals and other C-level executives in real organizations.

Vital benefits from using these tools:

  • Practical, real tools that have already been used by the world’s top professionals
  • They can be used immediately
  • You can easily alter them to fit your own specific needs
  • They will help get a better decision for the task in question
  • They will help you understand what good looks like
  • There is no annual licence to pay, once downloaded they are yours to keep

Most of our tools are prepared in Microsoft Excel which generates charts automatically from the data you enter, can be printed easily and allow you to customise the format to suit your own purposes – without the need to invest in additional software.

Note: Many of these tools are based on the experience of Mosaic, our specialist SAM consultancy which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Market2Win Ltd.

Strategic Account Management Tools

Our tools are organized under our 6-Step SAM Process . Scroll down to find the step and tool that interests you most.

plan process

SAM2Win Simulator

The SAM2Win Simulator is the foundation for a serious business game used to develop many of the core skills needed to be a successful Strategic Account Manager.

SAM2Win Simulator summary SAM2Win Simulator summary SAM2Win Simulator summary

In these uncertain times it is critical that you do everything possible to grow the sales to your most important customers: your strategic (or key) accounts. But how good are you at crafting and implementing an account growth strategy? How have you segmented your strategic accounts? Is it clear how you will beat all the other competitors? Does your sales strategy fit the account’s procurements strategy? How many competitor responses are built into the plan? Has the plan been tested at all?  The SAM2Win Simulator provides the foundation for a serious game that helps you to learn and practice some of the techniques required to grow your strategic account business.  This paper tells you more about the tool and its learning outcomes. 

Cost: FREEDownload now

Strategic Account Plans

Why not save time and money by purchasing a complete Account Plan? Many of the tools listed below are already incorporated into our Account Plans. By purchasing an Account Plan you get these tools in the right place in the Plan and connected to other relevant pages – as well as a complete Plan ready for you to use. Our Account Plans help you to ask the most important questions, capture the information effectively, manage the relationship, reduce risks and demonstrate the best professionalism.

SAM Step 1: Prepare the Ground

It is a sad fact that many SAM initiatives do not get implemented well.  There are many possible reasons for this but certainly poor project and change management is a key one.  If you do the pre-planning work well, there is more chance the idea of SAM will be accepted and implemented.   Here are some useful tools that we have used to help get the  SAM change programme off to a good start. 

They can also be used for other sales and marketing projects that are either about to get underway, or are already underway but seriously drifting from their original goal!


We are currently preparing our tools for download.  In the meantime, please contact us if you would like further information.

SAM Step 2: Launch the Programme

If SAM is to be taken seriously in your organization, you should publicise it by holding a launch event.  This should be a significant emotional event that makes the statement, “we are going to be doing things differently with our most important customers in the future.”  It can be done in a variety of ways (including a meeting, workshop or conference call)  but it must be a significant single moment that lays out a new path ahead. 

A string of emails or voicemails out to the sales force is not the way to kick-off a SAM Programme.


We are currently preparing our tools for download.  In the meantime, please contact us if you would like further information.

SAM Step 3: Startup Pilot Accounts

If you are making major changes to the way you manage your strategic accounts, it is generally better to make the changes with a few selected accounts first.  Then, when the improvements have been properly tested, you can roll out the solution to the other strategic accounts in your portfolio.   There is much work to be done here but also many tools to help you do the work successfully.

We are currently preparing our tools for download.  In the meantime, please contact us if you would like further information.

Relationship Position Analysis Relationship Position Analysis

Many account plans devote too much attention to the commercial aspects of the relationship and not enough attention to the softer aspects. Indeed, it is the success or failure of the soft aspects that so often lead to commercial success or failure of the account relationship as a whole.

To ensure your account team considers these soft aspects, we have developed this Relationship Position sheet.  It has been used repeatedly with our clients in many different industries and has been continuously improved over many years.  It can be used for national, regional or global accounts.  It gets a great reaction and we hope you find it useful as well. 

The purpose of this page is to undertake a simple but comprehensive relationship audit.  This will help you identify your current and potential relationship position, the key strengths, weaknesses, opprtunities and threats in the relationship.  It will also help you focus on undertaking the right actions to optimize the relationship  in the future.

Format: Micros.oft Excel 97-2003

Price (including VAT): £ 24.00 Order & download now

SAM Step 4: Review Performance

Before the new account management solution is rolled-out, we must pause to review the performance of the pilot accounts.  Once this has been done (maybe over several months) lessons can be learned about what aspects of the solution are working well and which need to be modified.


The Strategic Customer Interview The Strategic Customer Interview The Strategic Customer Interview

Would you like to find new customer opportunities that your competitors have not even thought of? Would you like to find new rich veins of gold that can provide serious wealth for your business in the future?

The answer is The Strategic Customer Interview. In this interview, you will focus on the future rather than the past, the entire supplier base rather than your product/service and help the customer understand the implications for the future of their business and for the suppliers they depend upon.

This is not a standard customer survey from A.N. Other Supplier.  This is a new approach that will enhance your relationship as well as help you invest in the right areas in your business in the future.

This document contains an introduction to the idea, 10 steps for ensuring a successful interview, hints and tips for getting the most out of each question and a complete set of questions ready for you to adapt and use with your customers.

Why waste any more time and money on expensive rear-view tactical customer surveys?

Price (including VAT): £ 24.00 Order & download now

SAM Step 5: Roll Out

Once the initial account management solution has been tested and reviewed, a full roll-out  across the business to all the strategic accounts can be planned and executed. However, many organizations have failed at this hurdle. A common mistake is to poorly plan this step and to expand the solution too far , too quickly.

We are currently preparing our tools for download.  In the meantime, please contact us if you would like further information.

SAM Step 6: Continuous Improvement

If you have a mature account management programme, you should be in the stage of continuously improving the value that it provides both internally and externally. 

We are currently preparing our tools for download.  In the meantime, please contact us if you would like further information.

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