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How we help businesses

Parker Hannifin

Market2WinParker is a world leader in motion and control technologies, with sales of $11billion, 57,000 employees and 417,000 customers in 1200 markets worldwide. It is organized into eight global product groups (e.g hydraulics and fluid connectors) subdivided into 118 divisions which together manufacture about 900,000 products. It is often said that almost any man-made moving object has a Parker product on it or near it.

In such a large organization Parker realized that marketing was done differently across the world. Also, there were very different opinions of what marketing was supposed to do. In some business units, it took on a strategic role and in other units it took on a more tactical role. Differences were also apparent in the tools used, the skills levels and the language adopted. This meant that marketing decisions were made to different standards and that cross-company marketing was very challenging.

We were asked by Parker to help them develop a new global marketing process that would promote a higher standard of decision-making, pool market intelligence, share best practices and facilitate better cross-company coordination.

Market2WinThe result is a unique strategic marketing process that helps Parker staff around the world find the best market opportunities to focus their resources upon. Winmap is now part of the Parker Business Development Process and helps to provide consistent communication, consistent customer experiences and better partnerships, productivity & profitability.

Quite simply, it defines the Parker Way of doing marketing.

Recently, the highly respected Institute for the Study of Business Markets stated that it was one of the most innovative and best practice solutions they had seen.

See www.parker.com for more information.

M1 Engineering Ltd

Market2Win M1 Engineering is an established leader in the design and manufacture of Tank Containers and Road Tankers for the carriage of cryogenic liquids. They sell to many of the world’s leading Air Gas and distribution companies.

Back in the mid nineties, they had no formal marketing process and few in-house marketing skills. We helped them develop a new strategy that took them out of the price war and shifted the company into a new strategic space.

Market2Win At the start of the millennium the industry was contracting with serious consequences for sales and profits. During that time many of their competitors went out of business whilst the strategy M1 had developed had a significant impact on returning the company to healthier growth.

Today, M1 Engineering are professional marketeers, well-disciplined at analysing the market, writing effective marketing plans, testing them with the simulator and taking the necessary steps to keep ahead of the competition.

We are delighted to provide continued guidance to help ensure their continued growth.

How we help universities

Bradford University

Bradford University’s School of Management is one of the top business schools in the UK. As part of their drive to continuously improve the teaching of marketing they wanted a simulation that would engage and challenge their students.

The Market2Win Simulator was tested against competitor offerings and selected for use on the MSc Marketing course.

The feedback from the students and staff has been excellent. They have found it to be very powerful in helping students understand strategic market analysis, planning and decision-making. It integrates well with the teaching modules and the students have found the software easy to learn .

The staff have found it great value for money and unique in its features and gaming capabilities.

How we help schools

Nicholas Chamberlaine Technology College

market2winNicholas Chamberlaine Technology College (NCTC) is a highly innovative college in the UK. Like many other educational establishments they are seeking to bridge the gap between education and work.

Market2Win was invited in to provide an inspirational development programme for students based on its Marketing Simulator.

The result is the Business Simulator Programme in which teams of students compete for business in a virtual market. In this particular case, the Simulator was setup to represent five different supermarkets competing for share of the UK consumer market.

Not only do students have loads of fun but they also learn a lot about marketing, maths in business and the trade-off between profits and ethics.

Student Feedback:

How we help individuals

Market2Win works with many individuals to help them learn more about marketing. We help students, entrepreneurs, professionals and teachers both inside and outside the marketing profession.

If you would like more personalised 1:1 coaching with one of our team of consultants please contact us